The High Level of Care That DeFi Deserves


All Vesper strategies went through two rounds of independent audits. All further contracts, both team and community developed, will additionally go through auditing before they are pushed to Mainnet. More information about Vesper audits can be found in our Gitbook.

Risk Scoring

All Vesper Holding pools are assigned a “risk factor” that reflects the number and complexity of contract interactions, collateralization rates, and security of protocols interacted with. Qualitatively, each pool’s risk factor is scored as “Conservative” or “Aggressive.”


Initially, the total supply of VSP is 10 million. The mint function is timelocked for 12 months. This protects from any drastic tokenomic changes until the token has adequately circulated and governance is 100% community owned. Token holders alone will make these decisions for themselves. Learn more about the timelock and other Vesper features.

DAO Ownership

Vesper’s governance is an progressive process that ultimately transfers 100% ownership and control to VSP holders. Recognizing shortcomings of “Day-1-DAOs” before Vesper, this strategy reserves appropriate controls to the team until the community and token has matured and is prepared to govern itself. Read more about Vesper governance principles and timeline.